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The Pullet Surprise

At the December 2015 meeting of the Redwood Writers, I was awarded the Pullet Surprise (say it aloud) “for exceptional service to the writers of Sonoma County.” Treasurer Briahn Kelly-Brennan began her presentation by saying that Redwood Writers depends on … Continue reading

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Gratitude, even when shit happens

On my morning walk, my left heel slipped 18” to 20” ahead of my body, causing my arms to fly up over my head, and in one quick bow, plant themselves on the sidewalk in front of me, along with … Continue reading

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Steering repaired? No, hearing impaired.

Some days communication is difficult, other days it’s entertaining.  On this day we had one example after another of how funny misunderstandings can be. Last Friday morning I took a wooden blind into a window shop to see if the broken plastic … Continue reading

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From my profundity file…

Raising kids is like trying to sweep up dust bunnies while the ceiling fan is on.

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Step Carefully

Some days it’s a struggle not to be a cynic.  I usually choose to see the glass half full and to believe that most people are kindhearted.  As a daily walker, however, I’ve observed some drivers behave aggressively when they … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered…

How hard would it be for the installer of toilet paper dispensers to put them at shoulder level, a foot in front of the commode, instead of next to your hip?  How many times have you sat in a public … Continue reading

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Attack of Menopause

ATTENTION!  IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! There has been an attack of menopause in this house. It tends to contaminate everything, including relationships, kindness, tolerance, memory, and sense of humor. For now, this house is temporarily quarantined so that most of the contamination is restricted to … Continue reading

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