The Pullet Surprise

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At the December 2015 meeting of the Redwood Writers, I was awarded the Pullet Surprise (say it aloud) “for exceptional service to the writers of Sonoma County.” Treasurer Briahn Kelly-Brennan began her presentation by saying that Redwood Writers depends on volunteers. The Board of Directors, along with the people who organize and judge the contests, select the work and publish the anthologies, the teams that put on the conferences every two years and the many workshops, and the people who run the monthly meetings are all volunteers.

Briahn introduced this first-ever award for a year-long project that is fundamental to our organization. We are no longer manually keeping a checkbook for this branch of California Writers Club of almost 300 members. Our finances are now on QuickBooks. Records will be more accurate; we can generate reports to analyze our spending; and, make projections to operate this club more effectively.

The treasurer said I accomplished this. I thought the hours that we spent together were going to be about me teaching her how to use a software program. She was so quick to learn and eager to use the program to its fullest, that there was no work involved. We got to know each other, laughed, told each other some personal stories, and became good friends. And, we also accomplished a great deal for the Redwood Writers.

Volunteer organizations are only as good as the sum of the volunteers’ shared talents and skills. I am nurtured and excited to be a member of this wonderful club and happy to be a volunteer.

In addition to being a retired bookkeeper, I am a writer. I have now been presented with the award every writer would covet—the Redwood Writers version of a Pulitzer Prize.

I am honored to be the recipient of the 2015 Pullet Surprise.



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3 Responses to The Pullet Surprise

  1. Virginia Ballmann says:

    Congratulations Belinda! You helped them a lot.

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  2. Denyse Clay says:

    Belinda, Congratulations. What a neat idea the Pullet Prize and I’m sure it was well,earned. Keep on writing. Denyse


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