Gratitude, even when shit happens

On my morning walk, my left heel slipped 18” to 20” ahead of my body, causing my arms to fly up over my head, and in one quick bow, plant themselves on the sidewalk in front of me, along with my right knee. I couldn’t believe I was actually on the ground on all fours. Somehow my hands were not torn, but my knee didn’t fare so well. On the inside of my rolled-up pant leg I could see skin and blood that had been transplanted.

Grateful to be able to get myself up off the sidewalk, I looked behind me to see what could have caused my fall. Dog poop! Evidently, I stepped right in the middle of the biggest pile which was now a foot-and-a-half-long smear; the smaller pile was slightly off to the right—more gratitude that my hand hadn’t landed that bull’s eye.

I considered calling home for a ride, but decided since no blood was running down my shin, I might be better off walking twenty minutes home to work-out the unceremonious chiropractic adjustment. With my pant leg rolled up above my knee, I continued my walk. Nearly a block later, I couldn’t comprehend how I had not seen all that poop. I had to go back to look.

Scattered between the light spots and shady areas of the sun shining through the tree, were dark brown leaves, the perfect color for camouflage. That restored my sense of self that I hadn’t missed a clearly visible plop in the middle of the sidewalk.

On my walk home, my knee was pulsing with my heart beat, and stinging from the air blowing on the exposed under-layer of skin. But a multitude of far-worse scenarios distracted me from my pain. I was so grateful I had not fallen backward or sideways. I didn’t have a broken hip or broken arm. Neither my tailbone nor my head had hit the sidewalk. I hadn’t lost consciousness and was able to walk home. A couple of Band-Aids, an ice pack for my knee cap, and Aleve for my tweaked neck and back got me through the next few days. Amazingly, the pain I’d been having in my right hip disappeared. Somehow the fall had relieved an irritated nerve.

The moral of the story to dog owners is please pickup after your dogs. It’s not only unsightly and unsanitary, but it can be dangerous.

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4 Responses to Gratitude, even when shit happens

  1. Woof woof!
    Get well soon! I now have a vivid mind-worm of you flying forward with your arms uplifted –
    in gratitude, did you say?


  2. Yes, of course I meant that… 😉 Thank you.


  3. Felicia Land says:

    Wow! What an experience! How are you now? Sending good wishes from beautiful gardens outside Taunton, southwest England. Hope you’re all healed.



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