Words Wound

Words can hurt like a punch

Stomach gets sick, head hurts, eyes water

Misunderstandings mend quickly

But direct strikes stab.

Words are only sounds in our ears

How do they reach our eyes to make tears?

Churning a pathway through our guts

Ending with a direct hit to the heart.

Gossip scratches and scrapes

Opinions have blunt-force

But truth is the most lethal

With serrated edges that can make us bleed.

Apologies are surgical repair

Required for healing

But scars remain.

Words wound.

Printed in the Poetry Place of the July 2014 monthly newsletter

of the Redwood Writers branch of California Writers Club. 

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3 Responses to Words Wound

  1. Jason Riehl says:

    A good one, but sorry you are able to write it so well. love you Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2015 15:57:08 +0000 To: jasonriehl@hotmail.com

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  2. Kris says:

    I admire that you can put these sad feelings down, in a wonderful poem. Words voiced can never be taken back. Hurtful ones, even if apologized for, will always be in a place tucked away in the recesses of our mind. A place that pops up occasionally, out of our control, and brings back the hurt.

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  3. Nancie Markgren says:

    This is so true B physical wounds can heal by words that hurt stay with you in the back of your mind forever!


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